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KCED leverages a well-chosen network of designers, experts, and mentors and a deep experience with design innovation, digital art, and brand creation to create presentations for innovators, bring ideas to life, and help young startups enter the market.


Investor deck


A deck needs a strong narrative, powerful storytelling and captivating personal branding.

Martin Lenclos is a contributing mentor at NYC incubators/accelerator programs.

Martin Lenclos is a contributing mentor at NYC incubators/accelerator programs.

Investor decks have always been important. Every startup today faces more competition than ever before. What does that mean for pitch decks? Well, that means a deck has moved from being important to becoming mission critical in order to get your first meeting with investors and VC firms.

This opportunity is vital not just to get attention but also to help investors think about products and services they usually invest in, as well as to begin to grow interest, and even more, a need to invest.

We want to make something unforgettable. That's the hardest thing to do in this busy entrepreneurial and startup world. The good news about designing investor decks is that, because of all these new startups, all these new products and new services, and the ease with which investors can access new projects and entrepreneurs, investors are far more receptive today to great narratives and high designs for investor presentations than ever before.




Capturing the Audience's Attention

As a brand advisor to sought-after speakers, leaders, and innovators, KCED ensures the success of live presentations by using techniques that earn them the highest professional credibility. KCED creates signature keynotes with high-design ideas that incorporate a visual language, aesthetic, and sensibility of their own.

Among other venues: U.N., White House, GE, IBM, Cisco, P&G, Columbia University, Stanford, and NYU