Please evaluate Martin Lenclos's performance.

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• Shows concern for attendees • Establishes feeling/tone • Establishes a level of difficulty which encourages success • Uses attendee interest and background
• Uses variability in presentation • Demonstrates enthusiasm, vigor, involvement, and interest in process • Puts ideas across logically • Praises, elicits, and responds to questions
• Communicates expectations of performance to attendees • Uses evaluative feedback to determine level of skill acquisition • Encourages participation from all attendees • Uses higher order questioning techniques to promote critical thinking skills
• Provides feedback on assignments as quickly as possible • Gives written and oral comments • Makes opportunities for one-to-one conferences to discuss progress
• Gives constructive criticism and praise appropriately • Makes an effort to know each attendee as an individual • Provides opportunities for each attendee to meet success • Promotes positive self-image in attendee • Communicates with attendees accurately and with understanding • Creates a climate in which attendees display initiative and assume a personal responsibility for learning