Worked on diverse multimedia projects, including a fashion designers 3d search app and a street style 3d concept. Developed concepts that both constitute grand gestures and create strategic value for the brand.


Product Design / Business Design / Art Direction / Content Strategy / Web Design / CGI & Visual Effects Production / Concept Art / Interactive Demo

Martin Lenclos for Condé Nast
PowerSearch, for Condé Nast. A concept designed by Martin Lenclos, founder of KCED, a NY-based brand design studio for startups

Created an online search platform that enables users to find specific designers, seasons, or trends within client web pages that include fashion shows, Fashion Week, runway, and designer collections.

The tool offers to see everything together, to compare carefully researched photos and quickly understand the trends and themes, all in a very intuitive interface.

This is the end of old, blind, slide shows. Users can now see the entire fashion collection, the entire set of images from an event, the entire season together on one page.

This efficient access to information gets the user interested in more content and in an environment that seduces them to return faithfully.


Street style 3D website demo

3D Web App presenting a contemporary representation of the world's most interesting trends in fashion photographed by professionals, like Schott "The Sartorialist" Schuman. To create a «real world» experience, the models will populate a virtual city. The architecture of NY, Paris, Milan and London will appear simultaneously. Users can click the people and see the commentary from the street-style photographer.